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 Delaware River Bicycle Trail 

Construction of the Delaware River Bicycle Trail in front of Pier 3 is in progress. The work affecting garage access has been completed. Some additional work will need to be done before the trail officially opens in 2022. Management will send updates when available. Send your comments, concerns and questions to

 Book Exchange 

Two bookcases have been placed on the mezzanine for a "book exchange". Please feel free to donate and borrow!

 Pier 3 Joins the Central Delaware Advocacy Group 

Pier 3 is now a voting member of the board of the Central Delaware Advocacy Group!  Check this link to learn more about CDAG.

 Hot Water Tank Age Campaign 

All hot water heaters must be replaced if they are more than ten years old. Picture of label on tank is required as proof. Fines for no response will be assessed!

 Storage Lockers Available 

Storage bins are sometimes available in both the North and South storage rooms.  Residents can rent a small bin for $12/month and a large one for $24/month.  Contact the manager if you are interested in renting a bin, and you will be put on the wait list.

Community Manager

Our community manager is Cathy Proctor.  She can be reached at (215) 351-4003. 

Building Maintenance Supervisor

Mitchell Spies is our Building Maintenance Supervisor. Contact him at (215) 351-0482, or submit a work order request via

 Walk-In Office Hours 

Monday - Friday  10:00 am -  6:00 pm

Please contact Cathy Proctor for appointments at other times.

 The Benjamin Franklin Bridge 
Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Ben Franklin Bridge is illuminated in various colors throughout the year to celebrate holidays, commemorate special events and acknowledge the work of various organizations.  Here's some information about the bridge.

One of Philadelphia’s main attractions on New Year’s Eve and July 4th draws thousands of people to the Delaware River Waterfront each year delighting them in a breathtaking fireworks display. From our back deck residents can watch one of the most spectacular views in the city.

 The Tall Ships Challenge 
The Tall Ships Challenge

The Tall Ships Challenge at Penn's Landing is a sight to behold, and what better place than our own back deck, where we share in the pageantry of this annual event, which drifts in a three year cycle between the waters of the Great Lakes, the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts of North America. 

Residents can catch a glimpse, step aboard and even set sail on the ships, which dock at Penn’s Landing and the Camden Waterfront.


Discounted parking is available on the Penn's Landing parking lot for Pier 3 residents. The rate is $105 per month. For more information, contact Yolanda at (215) 629-3210. An application and policy acknowledgement must be completed at the DRWC office at 121 N. Columbus Blvd.  Reservations must be made by 2:30 pm the day before parking is needed.    2/7/2019

What's Happening on Pier 3 

Annual Budget Meeting
Monday, December 6, 2021
7:00 PM
Via Zoom

Meetings will be held in Suite 300 unless otherwise noted.

Want to know more about the marine vessels passing near Pier 3?
Go to and follow these directions.

- Wear a mask in common areas.
Pay your condo fee.
- Don't feed the birds.
- Park between the lines.
- Clean up your balcony.
- Check your washing machine hose.

- Check your water heater.
- Update your census form.


Recently Completed

  • Seawall apron, piles & hardware replacement/repair
  • Surveillance camera upgrade and additions
  • Triennial underwater inspection as required by City Code
  • Pool HVAC dehumidification system
  • Pier 3 approved for VA and FHA Financing
  • Steel beam/column rust remediation & painting
  • Atrium renovation - deck, lighting, landscape replacement, octagon repairs
  • Main roof replacement
  • 3rd floor balcony decks repairs (partial owner responsibility)
  • Exterior patio furniture


  • 2nd floor decking ceiling repairs
  • Wood deck roof membrane replacement (as needed)

Future Projects - 2021 and beyond

  • Seawall concrete repair - phase 2 (2020)
  • East wall brick pointing (2020)
  • South side deck planters (2021)
  • Additional seawall, piles, apron board repairs (2021)
  • Garage asphalt replacement (2022)
  • High steel painting (2022)
  • Triennial inspection (2022)
  • EIFS siding replacement (2026)

Living at Pier 3 allows residents to be part of the vibrant City, but apart from the hustle and bustle.  What sets Pier 3 apart from Center City condominiums?  Pier 3 is: 

  • A short walking distance to Old City and its famous restaurants.
  • A comfortable stroll to Festival Pier, Race Street Pier, and Sugarhouse Casino.
  • Adjacent to Penn's Landing and its full schedule of events.
  • The absolute best location to watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve and during Welcome America (4th of July) Week. 
  • Not designed as a high rise building, Pier 3 allows the residents to have an up-close view of River activities.
  • Residents enjoy the trees and plantings placed and maintained by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in front of Pier 3.

See the Local Information Section for attractions and neighborhood information.

 It's always a good day on Pier 3 
It's always a good day on Pier 3
 Bird's Eye View 
Bird's Eye View
Pier 3 Condominium on the Philadelphia Waterfront - 3 N Columbus Blvd - Philadelphia, PA 19106 - 215.351.4003