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For Renters 

Front Desk / Concierge  
(215) 351-4040

Community Manager
(215) 351-4003

  • Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations. Your landlord should have given you a copy.  If not, check out the link above. 
  • You should seriously consider buying Renter's Insurance. The condominium's insurance policy does not cover the contents of your unit.
  • Do you have a dog? If so, the dog must be registered with the condo and licensed in the City of Philadelphia.
  • Did you fill out a census form with contact information and other relevant details?  If not or if it needs to be updated, please contact the manager.
  • Is there a problem within your unit?  If an emergency, contact the front desk immediately and also your landlord. If not an emergency, contact only your landlord.
  • For any questions or concerns that arise during your residence, please see the manager.
 Welcome New Residents! 

The Pier 3 Condominium Association welcomes you to our Community.  As a renter, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges that are afforded to all residents such as:

  • Use of the swimming pool and fitness center
  • A parking space in the garage
  • Invitations to all Community social events and activities
  • Use of the common areas including the East Pier and the dining area on the South Pier
  • Access to concierge and porter services

However, such privileges also come with obligations.  Owners and tenants are expected to be aware of and adhere to the Pier 3 Governing Documents and Regulations.  Your landlord should have provided you with a copy of the Rules and Regulations.  (See link at top of this page.)  Some rules come with hefty penalties ($$$) if they are violated.  We don't want you to be surprised by fines that you did not anticipate.

Some of the Rules that may be inadvertently violated include:

  • As a renter, you are not permitted to have a dog on the premises unless the unit owner has granted permission.
  • Noisy gatherings, loud music and disruptive noises are not acceptable.
  • Your window coverings must be white or off-white, and your exterior doors must be free of decorations (except for the year-end holidays).
  • Your balcony or terrace must be tastefully furnished and kept clean.
  • Obviously you cannot do anything illegal on the premises.  Illegal activity will be brought to the attention of law enforcement agencies and will also result in a large fine.

Having reasonable rules that are enforced makes living at Pier 3 more pleasant for all of us.  If you have any questions about the Rules or other guidelines, please contact the Community Manager at (215) 351-4003.

The Pier 3 community welcomes you, and we hope that you enjoy your residence at the Pier.  Please join us for the Pier's social events, and meet your neighbors.

Pier 3 Condominium on the Philadelphia Waterfront - 3 N Columbus Blvd - Philadelphia, PA 19106 - 215.351.4003