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For Owners 

Ed Collins

Vice President
Mike McGowan

Caryn Tabby Helhowski

Jo Ann Benner

Member at Large
Al Borden

Board elections are held annually in April.

Contact the Board
All messages sent to the Board will be discussed at its next meeting.

Rules and Regulations
 Meeting Minutes 

Recent board meeting minutes are posted on


Cathy Proctor

(215) 351-4003
(215) 351-4089

Office Hours:

10:00am - 6:00pm
Appointments preferred.

Front Desk/ Concierge:
(215) 351-4040


Contact manager to see most recent engineering reports.

 Proof of Flood Insurance 

To have a copy of Pier 3's current flood and/or property & casualty insurance policies sent to your requesting financial institution, please contact Kayla Sileo at Dash & Love, Inc.  In order to fulfill these requests, Kayla will require a copy of the notice that you received from your lender.  The notices can be faxed directly to her attention at (610)667-6057.  She will send your lender or mortgage company a declaration of insurance that identifies your specific Unit at Pier 3.  For additional information or to follow up, please call Kayla directly at (610)667-2244 ext. 220You may also contact Pier 3's management office for assistance

Updated February 2019

 Non-Resident Owners 

Non-resident owners must provide the Community Manager with a signed lease agreement and lease addendum prior to a tenant's occupancy of their unit.  Tenants must be given a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Pier 3 Condominium Association.  Owners will be notified of any rules violations by their tenants and may be fined for such infractions.  Renters are not permitted to have dogs on the premises.  If non-resident owners have any questions about their responsibilities to the Association as landlords, they should contact the Community Manager at (215) 351- 4003.

Pier 3 Condominium on the Philadelphia Waterfront - 3 N Columbus Blvd - Philadelphia, PA 19106 - 215.351.4003